Monday, September 9, 2013

CONFESSION- Yes I dated Ebube Nwagbo

O‎​º°˚ really? You actually went out with her? Well good to know.. so in an interview with LIMPOPO crooner he confessed to have had something with actress Ebube Nwagbo

At what point in your life did you decide to go into music?
Music for me started right from when I was in secondary school. Initially, I was playing football but later, I started singing in the church choir.
Moreover, my father was a Disc Jockey and I was already listening to a whole lot of music. My musical career took off effectively in 2002 when I emerged winner of Star Quest.
What happened after you won the prize money? Was your brother, Emeka Okonkwo, alias E-Money, rich then?
My brother was very poor at the time we entered for Star Quest. I was the one who helped him. He was our manager and we lived together in Ajegunle ghetto. He did not make money until later.  We hustled together.
Did your parents support your decision to go into music?
My mother supported me from the start. My father, like most fathers, was hoping I would study hard and become a doctor or lawyer.  He was not in support of my career choice at first but when I started bringing money home, he realised that I could actually make money from music. Then, he started supporting and praying for me.
What inspires you on stage?
It is when I see my audience cheering and getting ready to see me, it makes me want to go crazy; it makes me want to do more.
Do you see any other of your music tracks making waves like the hit track, Limpopo?
I would say yes.  My music has been rising from when I did Okpekete. I have been recording and getting better by the day and I feel the best is yet to come by the grace of God. I just dropped a new single which leaked and started trending on social media.
What did you study in school?
I studied Theatre Arts at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.
How do you keep reinventing yourself?
The major thing about me is that I like creating something new and different at every point in time, my videos are unique and different because I work with my brain every second. I am constantly creating.
What language is Limpopo?
It was just a slang I created but after the song, I found out that there is a river in South Africa and a street in Abuja by the name Limpopo.
Your profile has been rising since you split from Presh…?
I cannot tie it down to the split but I can say I have been working hard and been consistent.  After the split, I was determined to make an impact. I think that helped me get to where I am today.
What do you miss most about working with Presh?
A lot. We have been friends for 12 years and the arguments we used to have whenever we tried to come up with some ideas are what I miss most. Sometimes, I am left to wonder if decisions I take alone are better. We are still friends and I still wish him the best and pray that God will elevate and project him also.
Rumours have it that your brother, E-money, influenced the split
That is a big lie; he never wanted us to split. When we split, Presh’s first video was sponsored by him and he has been supporting him since.
Presh is not doing as well as you and there is this belief that he is not fortunate to have a brother like yours, who pumps money into all your projects
The whole matter is beyond money, it is about the drive. I know a lot of my colleagues that people pump millions into their career and there are no results to show for it. My rise to the top is by the grace of God who has decided that it is my time to make a mark in the industry.
  Do you see the two of you coming back as a group?
I cannot say because we never saw the break-up coming. We did not fight.
What are the tattoos on your upper arms for?
I have a rose flower, which is a sign of love. Inside the rose, there are two birds which signify freedom. I have a diamond by the side which stands for riches, and then there is a star, which is a symbol of my image. I had them done in Spain.
What does style mean to you?
Style to me is telling people who you are. If you see my car and the kinds of things I like in my house, you would understand me better. That will also tell you that I like colours. Fashion is in my blood. Sometimes, I don’t waste time standing in front of the mirror. If I open my wardrobe, I know what to put on. I have an eye to pick whatever suits me. At every point in time, I make sure I look smart and nice.  Before I put on anything, it is already selected and on point.
What is your least favourite dress?
Native wear. It is not what I want to wear every time but I wear them because of our culture. They, sometimes, look good on me but it is not a style I can die for.
What is your favourite fashion accessory?
One thing I don’t joke with is my stud earring, I don’t have any particular reason but I can’t be caught dead without my studs.
What informs your trim figure?
 It is natural but I also have a gym in the house where I exercise regularly. I try as much as I can to look fit because of my career.
What is your favourite meal?
White soup and wheat
Can you clear the air on your marital status and the alleged affair you had with actress, Ebube Nwagbo?
 Most times, I don’t like talking about marriage because it is a private issue.  But to clear the air, I never said I was married or not. The person that did the interview made a mistake. They  asked a simple question about a wedding in Lekki some years back and I told them it was not my wedding, it was E-Money’s wedding.
Were you dating Ebube at the time?
Were you married at the time?
(Giggles) I don’t want to talk about it; I think we should move on.
People also said you were separated from your wife, only for you to be seen with her again?
I think we should go to the next question.  Leave people alone, let them be talking.


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