Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dbanj is now a fashion designer?

Lol.. Na everything Dbanj won put hand o, aside the obvious which is music he has ventured  into a reality show 'koko mansion', he held a concert called the 'koko concert' where people trekked to the event ,also he has a management company 'DKM' and now dbanj popularly known as Eja Nla meaning 'big fish' might be thinking of going into fashion

Since coming to limelight, he's invented street linguas everyone consciously or subconsciously uses on a day to day conversation. First was 'No Long Thing', followed by 'File'! and 'Oshe'! Of late, no lingua has been heard of him except self titles he christens himself, the latest being 'Eja Nla'.

He seem to be trying his gift of invention in the fashion world with the intention of carrying the people along as usual. His dressing at Davido's sister's wedding where he dawned a face cap on a corporate attire tells he is up to something with that.

People, please take a good look at this pics and say what you feel about Eja Nla's dressing.
Looks hoorible to me

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