Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Prayer Is To Have Bigger Artist Who Would Grow More Than Wizkid - Banky W Opens Up

In a recent interview with a Nigerian radio station, Nigerian R&B artist and EME bOSS “Banky W” has
disclosed that his greatest prayer is to have artistes that will excel more than Wizkid, who is also singed to EME. He said Wizkid never left EME and put the blame on bloggers and newspapers who just love to attract more traffic and buyers... Read Interview Excerpts below

“Bad news is more interesting to people than good news and when you don’t give people bad news, they just find a way to create it just to get traffic to their website or sell their newspapers. Contrary to what was reported, Wizkid never actually left (EME). We understood that we had to restructure because he was getting bigger. He now has his imprint called, “Star Boy”, which is normal. Jay Z signed Kanye (West), who now has G.O.O.D Music. Everything is fine, Wizkid is still with the team. I am very proud of him and I pray that all of my artistes will grow as far as Wizkid and even more.”


  1. He's tellin us indirectly dat both of dem re not in gud term

  2. He's saying he's proud of him and hoping other artistes of his attain same height or more,so nelson I hope u read d part of bad news trend and u r still carrying bad news...dis is 2014 so stop and live long,believe only what you see e.g dis article

    1. Oh my smart kween is bk