Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Don Jazzy Gave Two Fans The Shock Of Their Lives When He Offered Them 100K Each Because.....

Mmmm....If only the others had known, lol...
It all began when one of Don Jazzy's followers tweeted "A date with Don Jazzy or 50k"  and many of those that responded went for the 50k option, some even said
2k Pr MTN 400 and Don Jazzy just answered with "Eya" or k".
Of all the responses, only two followers said "a date with Don jazzy over money."
 Don Jazzy stumbled on the tweets and surprised them!
He gave them 100k each to teach the others a lesson - "it's not all about the money sometimes."
The funny thing is, those lucky chaps were replying someone else's tweet not even Don Jazzy's tweet. See tweets below

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