Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Is Maheeda Getting A Head On This Music Set?

Wow... This girl is just so unbelievable, I really doubt this lady is launching this music video in Nigeria but I know alot of you can't wait to watch it. I really hope she's not doing what I think in this photo

Did you notice anything with the guy by her right? Lol... #runsaway


  1. What's with all dese porn stories today? Madam D, I dey fast mbok

  2. May God deliver us from the power of Maheeda. I have made a new year rewsolution never to open any of her thread again. But hmmmmm what will a man do? The guys is just answering the call of nature. Nature is mean it always call you at the wrong time. At least nature should have waited for the camera thing to happen before calling the poor dude

  3. This lady has come again. Small time them go dey blame basket mouth for making molest. jokes