Sunday, January 26, 2014

A.Y The Comedian And Tonto Dikeh Involve In A Twitter War

This actually happened around 3am today… What really
happened was that, in the midnight AY posted
some comedy jokes on twitter and there was one
on Tonto Dikeh too, but unfortunately Tonto was
still awake and
I guess she saw the joke and was
angry so she went on twitter rant and started
insulting AY to the extent that she even called
him “motherfu*cker” and “Fu*ck you brother”
All well and good sha, AY tried apologizing
instead of exchanging words with her..
See their werey tweets below…


  1. Do they have boundaries when they act movies? Don't they act about everything and everyone in the society? They act some movies that are very bad for our culture and no one goes on an insultive spree. Tonto dike is just a tout. Personally I don't see any big deal in what A.Y did. Why were there not boundaries when our comedians were fond of abusing OBJ then and even our NPF. Suddenly everyone wants boundaries because they are celebrities or what? Y'all should take a chill pill abeg. American comedians are very fond of yabbing other celebrities and no one takes them too serious cos its their job. Tonto Dike is just classless...daz all

  2. Why does Tonto write like a gangster? Lord knows I took extra complete minutes to get exactly what she is saying

  3. AY is seriously taking his so called ''comedy'' way too far.. personally i feel this guy is very dry, the way he mocks the white garment churches and wears their clothes without any hindrance baffles me, can he try that with the Muslims? dem for don kill im family tey tey.. if he has got nothing more to do why doesn't he concentrate on becoming a politican or better still a music producer? lol. anyway his jokes are dry and very insulting too, soon other celebrities would start dissing him and trust nigerians once dem hate u notin wey u fit do to comeback again o

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