Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He Was Squeezing My Boobs, Showed Me His Big Banana & Was Begging Me To Follow Him - Afro Candy Dreams Of Dbanj

Lmao Afrocandy has her eyes on Dbanj....many of her fans are saying they would make a sexy power couple.. He he he.

"HollyCrap! Just had a dream frolicking with Dbanji he was squeezing my
boobs showed me his big banana & was begging me to follow him.......""
@AfroCandy: I got to get my punanny some massive Big Banana 'Eja Nla' to cure my Konji matter asap.....Oya start sending Ur applications lets get freaky"

Lol... Your dreams shall come to pass, Amen! I love dreamers

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