Friday, January 3, 2014

Man Born With Two (2) D!¢ks Has Recently Been Discovered - PICTURES

WARNING: The pictures are very gross but interesting to view.... And God so loved this man that he Blessed him with two sex organ so he can enjoy double of what every man is enjoying... Very soon a lady with two sex organs would surface ...See 18+ photos below and like I said pictures are extremely Gross

This man is suffering from penile duplication affecting one in six million posts picture online and then spends hours answering barrage of questions.

He was asked how people react to his condition, he replied: ‘It varies from girl to girl..‘Some have been like “wow”. Some have been like “that's fake!” Some have freaked out like, called me names.‘Most are pretty curious but I don't have casual sex anymore, I stopped a few years back.’Another asked whether he had ever considered having one penis removed. He replied: ‘In my mid-teens, yeah. Now, hell no.’He said he was glad his parents chose not to have one surgically removed, adding: 'Besides the ego boost it really makes a person feel special knowing there is likely no one else like you alive right now.


  1. That's a curse, or even worse... he has nephilim blood in him. If people read the Bible they would know the causes of these type of things. The sin of parents can bring harm upon children unto the 3rd and 4th generation. WAKE UP!