Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Who said Beyonce Is Not A Member Of The Illuminati? Check Out This Controversial Photo

Beyonce posted this photo which has caused a lot of controversies amongst her fans..The singer, who fans adoringly refer to as “Beysus,” posed in front of Leonardo DaVinci’s famous “The Last Supper” painting, which would be fine — but she is blocking Jesus’ position in the picture, and everyone is going insane. Talk of “disrespecting Christianity” and the like are filling the photo’s comment section. See photo below.

 This is the second controversy Bey is facing this week alone, as just the other day, she caught some backlash from NASA and the families of the Challenger’s fallen astronauts for using audio from the 1986 Challenger accident in her music video for “XO.”


  1. Na dem sabi wetin dey push dem into controversies....illuminati or not....she's fucking sick

  2. You'd be saying the same thing if she blocked out one of the twelve disciples. Smh.