Monday, January 6, 2014

Chris Brown Tries To Bribe Rihanna But You Won't Believe What She Did

Brezzy got RiRi a lovely gold necklace on new year eve alongside with an apology letter but Rihanna who was partying so hard on getting this gift burnt his apology letter and according to HOLLYWOOD LIFE who got this gist exclusively said the beautiful songstress is planning to sell the gold necklace and give the money to charity...  how cruel! With the way things are going, i seriously doubt we are going to be seeing Chris Brown and Rihanna together, Karrueche is the only option for Breezy


  1. Its been less drama since they both brokeup. I think chris is better off with karuche in his life, But when it comes to riri and chris u can neva tell. u mite jst wake up tomao and find out they are back together.

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