Monday, January 27, 2014

If You Live In Benue, Akwa-Ibom And Bayelsa State, Wrap It Up 2X - HIV/AIDS Data For Nigeria Broken Down By States And Zones - PICTURE

Mmmm....I would have said kudos to the areas with lowest figures but I just discovered the people there might have little or no access to HIV testing, poor knowledge /awareness for HIV and its screening, etc. But I think other variables such as sample size should be considered... See picture below


  1. How come Imo State is among the lowest? Thought it is often stereotyped that there is high level of intimate activity there and that the girls are promiscuous. Sometimes it is good to ignore rumors or blackmail and face reality

    1. nna were you keep your sense now. abi you nor know wetin be condom?

  2. the fear of Benue babes is the beginning of wisdom

  3. Can't see the picture clearly