Thursday, January 2, 2014

LMAO...Hollywood Star Kerry Washington Shares New Year Message In Igbo Language

This is really hilarious....I trust Naija men they don't carry last especially our Igbo brothers.  Hollywood Star Kerry Washington who is heavily Pregnant and is married to Nigerian NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha posted her new year message (facebook & twitter) in Igbo, she is learning fast from her Nigerian-American NFL Player beau .

Yesterday she posted what Ibos usually say
during the end of the year on her page, this made Nigerian fans over-joyed especially those who speak Igbo. She posted

''Afo gbara aka laa oo'',

 According to a translator, it means "May your year go without mishap" or 'May the year end without taking anything precious from us' Hope my translation is correct?! Very beautiful couple
 Facebook message & reactions  below


  1. Am so sure say na her boo write am

    1. Yougot thatout of my mouth excpt in good english...... I'm so sure her boo wrote it for her"

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