Monday, September 2, 2013

Having Issues with 2face already?! "I'll rather not please any MAN..." Annie Macualay-Idibia's controversial tweet

So for some hours now, Annie Idibia's been tweeting some really disturbing messages - well, maybe not exactly "disturbing" but being a celeb that she is, the messages kinda sparked up some controversy as many assumed that things are probably not going well between her and 2face!
She first tweeted ""I'll rather be buried alive with snakes than live to please any MAN breathing the same air as me" and some haters assumed she was referring to 2baba.
She further tweeted "If I get an uneasy feeling about someone, I'll stay away from that person" and of course, the tweets garnered so many re-tweets and questions.
So, on realizing her error, she announced via a new tweet that she'll be embarking on a long vacation soon with 2face Idibia. See her tweets below:

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