Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ladies you all are in trouble, Melvin of BBA does'nt fall in love

Ladies we are in trouble our2nd most finest boy in Nigeria said he does'nt fall in love in this interview with Punch----->

You were attracted to Selly and later to Dillish. Who were you really attracted to?
  • I don’t fall in love and I didn’t see myself falling in love in the house. Love just doesn’t happen. For me, love is a gradual process. That was why I didn’t ‘toast’ anybody.

First it was Gulder Ultimate Search and later Mr. Nigeria and now Big Brother. Do we see you go into any competition again?

  • Ah! I have tried o. I am not the only one in Nigeria. I don’t intend to go into any other competition. I would just use this platform I have now to move my career. I have been finishing as a runner up in all this shows. But I am not jinxed. It is not easy to be in this competition. It has a little bit of psychological effect on you but it is all good. That you didn’t finish first doesn’t mean that you are not good enough. I look at the positive side. I will not sulk but I will keep doing what I have to do.

What do you intend to do after now?

  • I am going to take my acting career to greater heights. I was an actor before I got into the house. I think that my acting career will go up.


  1. If he doesn't fall in love like he says then it only means that he grows in love, generally towards who ever he is attracted to, usually through friendship as a base. Like he says, it's a "gradual process". Well there's still faith I guess. Loving is an entire concept on its own which is generally difficult to comprehend.

    1. Lebs, I agree with u, Melvin n I will grow in love, my boo of life, can't wait!!!

    2. Hahahahaha good luck with that Esther. Just don't get hurt loving by letting it get in your head cause like I always say, "Shit Happens".

  2. @ Esther... Dream on