Monday, August 26, 2013

Burna Boy Assaults A Girl In Port-Harcourt?

He did what?!
Burna boy had arrived PH on the 24th of August, but on his arrival at the city, he tweeted that he was having a bad time!
He decided to stop by at Silverbird Cinema and right there he allegedly humiliated a sales girl.
According to eye witness @DayTheory, musician Burna boy slapped, poured a drink on & humiliated a young girl that sells movie tickets at Silverbird Cinema.

The situation was so bad that cops had to be invited.
But that is really rude... You don't treat people I'll just because you feel they are less


  1. I for lyk see the picture....chei!

  2. @anon 1:14 ... Yes, I was Dere live wen it happened