Monday, August 26, 2013

Hoodlums Strip Party Chieftain In Ogun State

Hell was let loose when three men operating on a motorcycle were alleged to have overtaken the politician’s car and flagged him down then pounced on him.

Ajala, a former legislator in Abeokuta South Local Government of the state, was also reported to have been dragged down from the car, while his cloth was  torn.

It  was, however, gathered that he was saved  from the attackers when they sighted an oncoming vehicle and took to their heels.

Narrating  his ordeal, the politician said: “They  accused me of being too bold to comment on political issues, which they considered uncomplimentary and  warned me to desist.

“It was an oncoming car they saw that made them to bolt away. I have equally reported the case to Obantoko police station.”
Contacted, the Ogun State Police Command Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said the victim reported at the police station, but had failed to report back as scheduled for further investigation of the case, explaining that his failure to report back will affect investigation.

“The man reported the case, and he was asked to be followed to the scene, but said he was scared and when asked to also come back the following day for further investigations, he failed to report.
“There is no way the police could investigate without him. He has the killed investigation, so whether his claim is true or not, nobody can tell.”

Thanks for been bold Mr. Chief, Nigerian Leaders just love to run away from the truth

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