Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sex positions that double as exercise

Check Out Different Sex Position that is also as good as exercise that is you don't need to exercise if you're doing these sex positions


In addition to using their core muscles (like a modified plank, perhaps?), the partner on the bottom will have to engage their hamstrings, quads, and glutes to stay in a stable position.

Likewise, the partner on top will have to use similar muscles to remain upright and balanced.

If the top partner stands instead of kneeling behind, there’s an opportunity for a significant leg workout, as well.


This position is fairly reminiscent of yoga, and for good reason: it requires both strength and flexibility.

Like yoga’s lotus pose, the lotus position involves significant hip flexor and abdominal stability and strength from the bottom partner, as well as a fully engaged core and strong glutes from the person on top.


Although it may not be the most interesting of variations, doing it in the missionary position offers significant benefits to the core muscle groups.

All of that pelvic thrusting is kind of reminiscent of a shoulder bridge – just make sure you use your core muscles instead of your lower back to get the maximum bang for your… bang. (Added bonus, the partner on top may also get a great tricep workout depending on their hand placement.) I hope this article was of great help to you... If it wasn't you can kindly leave a message by commenting below... Thank you