Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tonto Dikeh in soft p*rn movie scandal

Nollywood controversial actress Tonto Dike, is currently embroiled in controversies with her fans for acting in a soft p*rn movie called Dirty Secret.
This movie which was produced by Sanga Entertainment, Nollywood actress and a lover kiss and wag tongues in a slow pace as the actress goes semi-nude, exposing private parts to the extent never seen before in any Nigerian movie.
Another Nigerian actor, Muna Obiekwe also starred in the movie, also portraying nude scenes.
Sanga Entertainment is a Bronx, New York-based Company with an annual turnover of less than $500, 000 and with less than four staff. It specialises in video tapes and disc renting service in the Bronx. The company started business in 2004.

The enraged fans, mostly Ghanaians, are wondering why the light skinned pretty actress could not draw the line between ‘professionalism and p*rnography’. The repeated explicit and lewd scenes in the movie have resulted in vitriolic attacks on the internet against the 25-year old actress who grew up without a mother in a family of nine children.
“Where do we draw the line between professionalism and just plain prostitution?” one fan asks.
“How else do you guys want our movie industry to improve? Americans do it and they are better than Africa on all grounds. This is one step forward,” one fan comes to Tonto’s defence.
“Let’s not seem like we are encouraging this. There are better ways to make the industry grow. Where have we thrown our sense of decency?” another fan queries.
“This is disgraceful,” says Rakaya, another fan. “Nigerians are beginning to do the p*rn thing now. This is worse than Ghana movies,” another fan lashes out.
tonto-dike-dirty-video4“Thank God Genevieve and Omotola did not feature in this, I would have dropped Nollywood right away,” another disappointed fan says.
The negative internet posts, however, seem to have little effect on the actress who always wanted to be like American stars, such as Julia Robert or Sharon Stone, the woman who posed nude for Playboy magazine and acted in Basic Instinct, a highly controversial lewd movie in the 1990s.
On her twitter page she called her critics ‘pretenders’: “Why would we enjoy seeing nudity in Hollywood? It’s a f..cking profession peeps, grow up. I am all out with my job and f..ck you hard if you find otherwise. Rubbish f..cking pretenders. I hate fake damn tradition. I have got a mind and heart my profession requires.”
Born on 9 June 1985, Nigerian-born Tonto Dike is one of the most beautiful faces in Nollywood. With an increasing profile of Nollywood movies to her credit, she has gradually acquired a large fan among Nollywood movie fans both in Africa and in other parts of the world such as the United States, where these movies are beginning to gain a lot of popularity.

Growing up without her mother, Tonto was confined to the parental care of just her father and stepmother in a large family of nine, including both parents and seven siblings.
Tonto is a graduate of petrochemical engineering from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, RSUST, South South Nigeria. Tonto’s big break came in 2006 through a Nigerian reality TV show, The Next Movie Star, where she emerged the first runner-up, exposing her to the big world of Nigerian movie entertainment.
Very little is known about the movie titled ‘Dirty Secrets’, as the producers have only released snippets of it in the trailer being spread around on “youtube.”
A Ghanaian commentator expressed himself saying online, “that it will be a shame if this movie sees the light of day.”
A lot of people did not like the idea of Tonto Dikeh going almost unclaf in a movie... Though they know she is already a wildling as she smokes a lot but going unclad? That's the height.


  1. Abeg make una leave her ooooo....her craze don pass psychiatric hospital case....Such a sweet young,innocent girl way back at home and her church(christ embassy)...Sometimes stardom could be a path to self destruction....

  2. LoL... True talk anon 4:35, but. The girl madness no b here O‎​º°˚

  3. This movie is like 100 years ago, you sound like it was made yesterday, this is water under the bridge

  4. I just taya ooo, very old movie, both of us have even watched it before, there's no trailer here btw...