Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eva longoria denies dating George Clooney Saying Rumours Are Interesting But Untrue

Don't bother calling her the future Mrs. George Clooney, Lol... Cos presently she's denying that..
After a report came up on July 18 that George Clooney failed to woo Eva Longoria while he was still dating Stacy Keibler, the Latin beauty shut down the rumors faster than you can say "desperate housewife."

"As interesting as the George Clooney rumors are, they aren't true. George and I have been friends for years," she tweeted.
The rumor started after Lainey Gossip posted a blind item suggesting that a leading lady was secretly hooking up with a fake superstar who had a girlfriend, got wings when US Weekly attempted to identify the "other woman" as none other than Longoria.

 In this report, they suggested that the overseas rendezvous that Lainey Gossip points to was actually referring to Longoria's meet-up with the 52-year-old stud at Soho House in Berlin while they were both working in Germany this past March. Us Weekly's source continued that  they "did not hook up" but "George began pursuing Eva."
While the rumor doesn't seem to be true, the 38-year-old actress and the Clooney have been chummy for years.
The like-minded stars both got their start on soap operas, achieved big Hollywood success, and ultimately used their voices to champion charitable and political causes. Longoria and Clooney have both attended countless White House Correspondents' Dinners and are well-known fundraisers in Hollywood for a variety of causes including ending the genocide in the Sudan and the American Legal Defense and Education Fund.
While the original article noted that both actors were in Berlin for work this past March and were spotted together at Soho House, their source event states that they "did not hook up" and that the run-ins were likely just friendly catch-ups.
Besides, how could the Texas-bred beauty even squeeze the silver fox into her busy little black book?
Back when they would have "allegedly" dated, Longoria was linked to Penelope Cruz's super hot brother, Eduardo Cruz, then fell for New York Jets hottie Mark Sanchez, and is currently dating Ernesto Arguello, one of the stars of the now-defunct dating show, "Ready for Love," which she produced.
According to Longoria ... the rumors are "interesting." But they are all false stories .. Do you believe Long?

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