Sunday, September 14, 2014

See What Nigerian Girls Do In Dubai..... AWFUL!

I'm sure its not the first youre hearing that a lot of ladies leave Nigeria and land in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for illegal businesses like prostitution.
These ladies have it all going for them, blinking bank accounts, good houses and flashy cars, thanks to the men who are
busy servicing their bodies for money.
Two months visa is what these ladies obtain first before they can secure accommodations and then prolong their stay in the country.
Do not be deceived that everyone here is descent because you may be shocked to your bone marrow at what some of these girls make use of....One of the visitor was stunned to see what was happening and asked: “What’s going on here?” The reply from the smiling front desk person was: “They are from your country, Nigeria. They are our guests. See these ladies, they pair themselves in a room, some even stay three in a room. So, in case you want to save money, you can pair with any of them!”
One of the Nigerian ladies said: “Things are not as easy as they used to be when I started this business. There were some weeks I made about $5,000 from these Arab and European men.

“But since more babes from Nigeria got into it, there are so many ‘runs girls’ in Dubai that for the past one month, I have not made up to $5,000. Wow... what a way to survive.... Nigerian Girls keep rep'ing worldwide

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