Sunday, September 14, 2014

IK Ogbonna Said The Tattoos On My Body Are Bile Inscriptions

I'm sure y'll still remember Actor and Model, Ik Ogbonna who went for the Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) Reality Show in 2005 where he was a house mate, after which he got into modeling and now he is an actor. Ik recently explained his many tattoos to the Netng

'The tattoos on my body are Bible inscriptions and they mean something to me. I don’t have dead bodies or funny looking quotes on it. I understand the Bible says we should not inscribe the drawings or names of the dead or other gods. The same goes for piercing, the bible does not say piercing or braiding of hair is exclusive to a (particular) sex....
I would have had more tattoos but because I am an actor and some roles will not allow me. Soon, I may go very crazy with tattoos. I love art a lot, this is my body, God gave it to me’...

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