Saturday, September 13, 2014

Statue Of Satan with Huge Erection Appears In Canada -PICTURES

So this is how satan look ehhn....A large Satan statue which is nine-foot-tall, anatomically-faithful figure of a red-skinned Satan, complete with horns and a visibly prominent representation of a phallus. The statue holds one hand up in a devil-horn salute and according to officials,  Although the statue has been removed from a Vancouver park, shortly after the controversial artwork was mysteriously erected on a pedestal at the park, no one has claimed responsibility for creating the statue.

The devilish figure with an erect penis was erected overnight Monday, prompting city crews to remove it Tuesday afternoon because it was not officially commissioned by the city. LORD HAVE MERCY


  1. I can bet my life that the sculptor that created this statue is a black man. He just wanted to pass a simple message... The whites are satanic as opposed to earlier impressions that blacks are devilish. Their evil deeds would soon be exposed for the whole world to see.

  2. I thought d devil wears prada