Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'M COMING... See Pictures Of Different F*ck Faces Of Men And Women Having Orgasm

The concept was born in 2003 among a handful of friends, including Richard Lawrence and Lauren Olney, who uploaded their own videos to the site. But as popularity grew the friends opened the site up to all and began charging to watch the videos in order to pay contributors.

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Emily, a 21-year-old university student, is one of three women who spoke to new women’s online magazine about her involvement in the project. “At first I was a little bit nervous that I wasn’t going to be obvious enough. I don’t usually make noise or, you know, move around that much when I come – but for this I was pretty sure I’d need to put on a bit of a show.

I waited until none of my housemates were home and figured this was as good an excuse as any to lie down in the middle of the hallway completely naked and film myself having a w***.” She uploaded the video to the site, making it available for thousands of fee-paying viewers to see her intimate moment. And she’s not the only one. While most women appearing in mainstream pornography reach the screaming heights of ecstasy without so much as smudging their lipgloss, on Beautiful Agony the faces range from the raunchy to the ridiculous.

Lauren Olney, who co-created the website, explained: “We publish user-submitted videos – male and female – in which the contributor is having an Org*sm, without any visual cues as to what’s happening below the waist. Me and the site’s co-creator Richard were talking about how uninspiring we found the porn out there – all those acted-out sex scenes where everything is faked. Instead of complaining, we decided to do something about it.”

That was 10 years ago, but as the site prepares to celebrate its anniversary next month, it’s clear their vision has proved to be a powerful formula. Today there are over 3,000 participants uploading videos to the site– most of whom are women. Emily explains why the craze is so appealing: ”My mind was just totally blown. There was no nudity but it was so sexy and I was so turned on by it. I thought it would be hot – being part of some huge sexy compendium of wanking habits. And when else do you get a chance to see what you actually look like when you come?”

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