Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dillish Mathews Break Up With Her Long Term Boyfriend Stephen

Woah! This is unbelievable, after buying her that clean ride? Well, it's valentine season, so therefore they'll be a lot of makeups and breakups.
Yes you read well, the winner of big brother the chase Dillish Mathews has broken up with her
heavy weight boyfriend ‘Stephen’ I’m sure that guy snores at night with spit dripping out of his mouth, he looks like one….anyways Dillish few days back deleted all his pictures from her Instagram page and he did same too…

No wonder she was spotted having Dinner with Flavor…Well if you think we are lying go to her instagram page and see for yourself All the beautiful pics of herself and her beloved Stephen has Disappeared…Close Sources say Mr Steven Already has a 5year old son and Another on the way, Goodluck to both of them

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