Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meet The 20 Year Old Guy With The Largest Hip.... DAMN!

Oh my... This guy is 'beautiful'.. lol.. his name is Micah and he is 20 years, he is a man but obviously a with women feature, he has hips that are larger than most women's, the type
of hips that most women will go under the knife to get.

Micah's measurements are ? chest: 41.5? waist: 37? b*tt/hips: 63?.

The guy who got to the eyes of many through his Instagram account is an upcoming singer, songwriter and musician. Lol, i can imagine him dancing like Beyonce on stage, and shake does hip hard.

From his photos he posts on his Instagram page, it is obvious he enjoys and
loves who he is and all the paparazzi that comes with it. Well this will definitely disgust some people. Thank God there's no b**b.

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