Friday, May 16, 2014

LMAO... Lists Of Nigerian Musicians Who Speak Gibberish In Their Songs

10). Wizkid-we all know this dude with his GIBBERISHIOUS slangs. there are very numerous but still manageable. what is Yaga,yaee,e'yeyeye..

9). Iyanya-many will call this guy a king among girls,but hes also a king in talikng gibberish that people might consider his mother tongue. Examples What is Jombolo,Sangele

May-D: you all know him as MR AS A SURE now thats gibberish,i
always wonder if what he puts down are just freestyles. Examples are

whats tingbangban tinbombom gibberish

7). Duncan Mighty- no introduction right from day, he is always fond of
it,wait thats the only stuff he sings,i wonder how people like his songs
sef. examples are his hit track. whats WELLE O WELLE O PAYAM PAYAM..see
enough already.

6). Bracket- this guys are over creative when it comes to gibberish
talking, especially that yellow dude..he too sabi. Examples what is
illele girl,whats yori yori,whats mwah mwah :-(

5). JMartins- this list can never be complete without this boss,he has
specially trained many artistes in adopting his gibberish style. For
instance what is toyotoyo,what is panya panya..God

4). Timaya- yah gibberish superman,in 80% of his songs,one thing i
noticed is he keeps biting his tongue when speaking. whats ikolomademba,
whats yakulu yakulu. Jehovah

3) Flavour- my favourite igbo boy gone sour to my ears, same slangs over
and over again. even some of my igbo friends keep complaining. whats
kprokotom kpom kpom , whats pakrokpa, whats with the whine am for me

2) Kcee- of course, the genuine king of gibberiouslougy. with 2
gibberish titled hit song to his name, this guy keeps inventing new ones
daily. whats limpopo, whats okoso, whats akatako, whats okpekete.

finally, who is the grand master
in all these things..yea, you guessed right. :-)

1). Terry G- with too many gibberish poison tracks to his name, this
dude is a walking gibberish dictionary,(is it the weed or what sef),
whats apkako,whats tiletile,whats sangalo,whats dipapa dipopo, there are
too many.

Like what is Dorobucci? #runsaway


  1. I expected to find mighty Don Jazzy at the top of that list. Dorobucci is just one of the latest doroanthems out now.

  2. Flavour- my favourite igbo nipper gone rancid to my ears, equivalent dialects upon moreover across further. unruffled part of my igbo playmates preserve querulous. whats kprokotom kpom kpom , whats pakrokpa, whats beside the gripe am for me dialect. kitchen appliance packages