Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ini Edo Finally Quit Her Marriage For Nigerian Actor... GUESS WHO

It is no longer to us that celebrity marriage is more like changing underwear daily at times you change it twice a day. Before i write this, i have a big question to ask which is, why is it just our female celebrity weddings that crash, why not the men?
Ini Edo, who got married to her American based business man, Phillip in 2008, allegedly walked out of the marriage weeks ago following accusations of domestic violence and cheating. Before now, there have been many rumors of the marriage not working out due to not only
cheating from ini's part but same with phillips the husband. according to sauces close to ini, the actress has witnessed strands of a woman's hair in the couples United State home a number of times while she was back to see her hubby after work from the Nigeria. Also many times if she is working in Nigeria her hubby pays less attention to her.

Ini Edo's extra marital affair escalated when she noticed her hubby has not been the loving man he used to be towards her, although she is also not a saint in that category.
The husband  Phillips Ehiagwina demanded to have back the bride price he paid to marry Ini Edo and his wishes were granted by her people without arguing. (people still do that)
I earlier reported her affair with a Nigerian Nollywood Actor Michael Godson whom up till now beds Ini Edo as often as anything without hiding it any longer in fact he even brags about it.
Aside Michael, Ini is  also is sleeping with a Politician in Akwaibom State and a well known Millionaire in Abuja names withheld. Well, if that is how they plan to let each other go, we cannot stop it as it is said if it does not walk , instead of suffering inside you take a walk and that ill be it,
with all this happenings, Ini seem to be less bothered as she is strong and moving on with her life after all, she is a strong lady as you all can see. the question is who is fooling who.
Uche and ex footballer CRASHED.  Tiwa and Teebliiz CRASHED now Ini and Phillip. what is the point of all this lavishly wasting of money in the name of wedding. Genevieve Nnaji and Rita Dominic maybe you should not marry ohh... lol


  1. Madam D, amebo fit u well well ooo... I wonder y ur not taking ur job seriously tho... Anyways, Tiwa n Teebillz just had issues which dey av settled, deir marriage is still very much intact...

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