Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You Would Not Believe How Beautiful Jude Okoye's customized Avorza Edition hummer H2... Check It Out

The elder brother of Psquare Jude Okoye shared these photos of his brand new customized “Avorza Edition Hummer H2,"
The company which customized the ride, shared the post on their instagram page & Jude reposted it.The customized car is said to be between $100k-$200k depending on the customization .. Another picture after the jump

He posted this picture with the caption
"Avorza Edition Hummer H2,.Painted Satin Black, Custom Interior, Sound System, on 22″ XD Series Wheels… This one built for @judeengees , taking Avorza to Nigeria Africa… One by one Avorza Edition cars are appearing all over the World… #AvorzaInspired #AutoFirmApproved.”


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