Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Linda Ikeji Finally Respond To Olamide's Tweets, You Won't Believe What She Said

You’ll recall that Singer/rapper Olamide and Wizkid Ayo lashed out at Linda Ikeji refuting her story that Olamide’s girlfriend was pregnant. Eh hen, Linda has finally responded to Baddo’s tweets. Read her response after the break

“Olamide denies expecting a baby with longtime girlfriend. So I wrote a story today that Olamide is expecting a baby with his longtime girlfriend, Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman. Someone in his camp put the story out because I am not the only news source to carry it, but anyway, Olamide has denied that this is true. He took to twitter about an hour ago to lash out at me. See Tweets below…
I feel like one, he’s been waiting for the moment to lash out at Which is fine. And two, I also see he’s mad that I don’t post his songs and videos on my blog. If I’m not posting it, it’s because no one is sending to me…I’m a huge fan so…. Oh and love you too, boo! *wink”

I think this is just a little misunderstanding on both sides. You guys should chill and work things out. BTW, Olamide dey vex o! And Linda handled the matter very professionally.  No lele at all.


  1. Where's that useless BOSS Linda has replied o

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