Saturday, March 29, 2014

Too Lazy To Have A Shower? No More Worries, Check Out How To Take A Bath Without Using Water

Dirt of the highest order. Come try am for naija,if you no go dey smell like dead ram after heat finish with u.

According to CNN
 DryBath is a germ-killing gel that allows you to take a bath without using a single drop of water or soap -- all you need is to apply the gel on your skin and then
vigorously rub it off using your hands.

"The special formula will cover the whole body with the cleansing gel, which will use the vigorous rubbing to lift the dirt off the skin," explains Ludwick Marishane, the inventor of DryBath and founder of Headboy Industries.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur came up with his revolutionary idea back in 2007, during a hot winter day when he was relaxing with some friends under the blazing sun in Limpopo, northern South Africa. "Man, why doesn't somebody invent something that you can just put on your skin and you don't have to bathe," quipped one of his pals, complaining that he didn't feel like having a shower -- and this got Marishane thinking.

Still in high school, Marishane immediately took to Google and Wikipedia to start researching creams and lotions, learning everything about their components and how they are produced. Since he didn't have a computer he carried out his investigations using his mobile phone and a few months later he'd devised his own special formula -- at the age of 17, Marishane became South Africa's youngest patent-filer.

Marishane, who won the global student entrepreneur award in 2011, went on to study at the University of Cape Town and soon got his DryBath-producing business running. He says his trademarked invention can be a "precious tool" for the millions of people lacking access to clean water and sanitation, as well as an an attractive option for corporate groups -- from airlines and hotels to gyms and even aid agencies -- who want to encourage their clients and users to save water.

With the time and stress of rubbing it VIGOROUSLY, I better bath with water and be comfortable.

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