Saturday, August 16, 2014

Is Omoni Oboli This Sexy That President Good luck Jonathan Couldn't Stop Staring

And by the way  why is her chest that flat, did her breast disappear? You know there are moments when you are left with no choice but to wonder what motive is behind a particular action. This is one of such moments surely as you are left to ask: What is
Omoni Oboli

The picture was taken at the Presidential Villa, Abuja where the Nollywood actress and a number of her peers and industry stakeholders made a presentation of her new movie, Being Mrs Elliot to President Jonathan. Visible in the pictures obtained at the are Vice President Namadi Sambo, film maker, Mahmood Ali-Balogun, Chioma Ude, founder and CEO of the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) as well as President Goodluck Jonathan himself.

However, in this particular picture, can you bet the president was just congratulating Mrs Oboli and not enjoying a beautiful view?

Oboli is a leading figure among actresses considered to be without the usual baggage associated with most people in the Nigerian movie industry. In fact, she once turned down a huge role which came with a fee running into thousands of dollars to act Unclad in a Hollywood movie once.

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  1. They're watchng movies, when over 200 girls are stil in d hands of their abductors and we have 100 men kidnapped yesterday by thesame boko haram; this not talking of ppl killed on a daily basis. They are watching movies when attention of most leaders in this region are on ebola and how to curb the spread.
    We're yet to get the experimental drug(zmap) or any drug at that, but all these men cud do is watching movies.
    How did we get these insensitive killers we call leaders into position of authority in the first place? may God help Nigeria!