Friday, April 25, 2014

A Man Who Is Still A Virgin And Also Obese Had Sex With His Girlfriend For The First But Ended Up Breaking The Wall With Her Head - PHOTOS

An obese virgin whose massive frame smashed his girlfriend through a wall the first time he had sex has shed 16 stone and is now a huge hit with the ladies. Gregg Casarona tipped the scales at 31 stone when he first had sex with girlfriend Jennifer Gerakaris. However, he was so heavy he pushed her head through a wall and had to rush her to hospital. See his massive transformation pictures after the jump

Fortunately, Miss Gerakaris suffered no lasting damage but she ended the relationship with Mr Casarona leading him to shed 16 stone and forge a career as a movie extra. Now Gregg, from Long Island, New York, is getting a lot more female attention but remains coy about his success rate. Mr Casarona said: ‘Obviously a gentlemen would never divulge how many women he has been with. ‘What I will say is I get a lot more attention from women now I’ve lost all the weight, which is another fantastic perk.

When I was losing weight, my confidence sky rocketed and I was much more outgoing and positive in my outlook. ‘It definitely helped me get more dates but I did not end up officially being with anyone. ‘I am currently single but who knows what could change in the upcoming months – at the moment I’m focused on my career and weight management but always looking for fun.’ At his heaviest, Mr Casarona was putting away 7,500 calories a day – more than three times the amount recommended for a man.

He said: ‘I started putting on weight and never cared to do anything about. ‘When I hit 440lbs, I just gave up and started thinking I should just see how big I could get. ‘At that point my father and godfather sat me down and told me they were scared they would have to bury me – something they didn’t want to do, obviously.’ At the start of his weight loss journey Mr Casarona, nicknamed ‘Bubba’ at the time because of his size, went to a party and met Miss Gerakaris.

They started dating and after a month of being together the pair decided to have sex.  Mr Casarona was still a virgin at the time and he managed to put his girlfriend’s head through the plasterboard wall. As a result he knocked her unconscious and she had to be taken to the hospital to be checked over, but fortunately she had suffered no injuries. ‘My initial reaction was, “I killed her,”‘ Gregg told the New York Post. ‘”This is my first time. And Jen is dead.”‘

The couple’s hilarious escapade was featured on a TV show called Sex sent me to the ER. This incident, five years ago, spurred Mr Casarona on to really focus his efforts to drop the weight, starting with writing down a daily food diary. Explaining how he did it, he said: ‘I realised I was eating up to 7,500 calories a day – three times the daily calorific necessity of an average person. ‘At first I swapped normal soda for green tea and water and took one less serving at meal times then I normally would.

‘When the weight started falling off it was emotional – an uplifting feeling.  ‘I had to buy new smaller clothes – new pants, belts, shirts – and these small goals really helped me to kick on and reach my end goal.’ Now thanks to this change in lifestyle, Mr Casarona has lost 16 stone and feels better than ever. He said: ‘I was always outgoing but now I am not portraying myself as the “fat friend” any more so I’m a lot more confident.’ I’m more like a kid in the candy store than I was when I was heavy.

‘I’m extremely active and want to experience everything – I started at the gym and now I’m doing kickboxing and Zumba to keep up my cardio.’ He has appeared as an extra in hit American TV shows Law and Order SVU and Blue Bloods and is in The Amazing Spiderman 2 alongside Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx. As well as his day job as a project manager he has started taking extra roles on the side and to date has featured in hit US shows Law & Order SVU and Blue Bloods.

Thanks to this experience he will appear in the background of one of Hollywood’s biggest summer blockbusters, The Amazing Spiderman 2. About his move into acting he said: ‘I have always loved entertaining people but I never thought I would make it into a career. ‘I’ve been on stage in front of 75,000 people at conventions, but being on TV and film sets is something completely different.’ Mr Casarona said: ‘I would love to be able to do something with weight loss and health but at the same time am open to anything that I stumble upon.’

‘I want to help people learn that obesity is much more of an internal issue where the weight is the external symptom. ‘I’ve helped two of my personal friends lose over 90lbs each and helping another with his journey as it just started.’

This serves as an encouragement for all those who procrastinate about changing some “unhealthy” habits. Make a decision like he did and follow it through.


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